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5/2024: EXNESS Social Trading


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12/2023: MQL4 signals



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Released GoldPRO autotrading robot version 1.2


- Rounding numbers when Autolot = True.

- Automatically reloads the Logo according to the key when refreshing the chart or restarting Metatrader 4


Released GoldPRO autotrading robot version 1.1


EXNESS: EUROpro LionDance signals start running on real USD accounts with a capital of $1000


MQL4: EUROpro LionDance signals start running on real USD accounts with a capital of $1000

Robot Autotrading GoldPRO

The risk management strategy applied is based on criteria from the FTMO exam fund. With the birth of GoldPro, many strategies on the market are profitable, but most of the strategies have not properly applied risk management, causing many profits or accumulated money to disappear, causing investors to lose money. Investors are left empty-handed and lose confidence in the market.

1. Automatically update to new versions.

2. The robot receives trading signals from a team of experienced trading experts, helping to increase profits and minimize risks.

3. Manage licenses by MT4 Login ID, with each 1-year key you are allowed to change your MT4 Login ID an unlimited number of times.

4. First trading order 0.01lot with standard capital of $2500 when selected signal conditions are met.

5. RISK MANAGEMENT technology 3.825xF.T.M.O (according to FTMO exam fund criteria) for each order is calculated by SL: 37.5pip and TP: 37.5pip.

6. Investment capital: minimum investment capital $2500, with leverage from 1:500 (recommended 1:2000);

7. Verified profit from November 2023: profit from $150 (%6) to $1000 (%40) depending on many factors in the futures market.

Price: $1200/Year